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Lou Waters for Oro Valley, AZ Town Council Lou Waters - Vote for Oro Valley Council

11595 N. Monika Leigh Place

Oro Valley, AZ  85737

(520) 544-8050



Building Trust and Sense of Community  
Hello!  My name is Lou Waters and Im a candidate for Oro Valley Town Council.


Lou Waters, Anchor, at CNN desk

My wife, Marty, our twin sons, and I moved back to Oro Valley in 2002. My television career began in Tucson in the 1970s. My work here captured attention in Atlanta where Ted Turner was planning a Cable News Network. We invented 24-hour-a-day television news; real news. We had no idea what cable news would become, because the news industry said it would never work.

Im a traditional journalist. I pursued the career as a public service; get the facts, report them and let the chips fall. That tradition appears to be lost or gone. News now is a commodity. But Im still a journalist. I listen, ask questions and poke through political smoke. I apply those skills and serve Oro Valley to preserve our present, and creatively plan our future with essential, effective and efficient policies.

I support: A robust business community, recruitment of clean and green business, continued strong public safety, excellent schools (intellectual and economic sustainability go hand-in-hand), and dedication to architectural standards most compatible in a delicate ecological environment. The most important job ahead of us is to vote. Were all in this together. Let your voice be heard.


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11595 N. Monika Leigh Place, Oro Valley, AZ  85737  (520) 544-8050